Creative Solutions For Your Equipment Financing & Leasing Needs

A leading funder of A-credit equipment loans & leases- At Advantage Financial LLC there is no limit to the types of equipment we can assist you with. Talk to an associate today to discover how Advantage Financial LLC can facilitate an equipment acquisition solution that is the most advantageous for your business.

OUR SPECIALTY is turning“declined” into “approved"

Finance Scenarios & Advantage Solutions

Startup Businesses and Credit Challenges

Applicants which are startup businesses and/or possess challenging Credits are accommodated similarly by institutional lenders- DECLINED. Advantage looks at your business differently than these traditional banks– we base our loans on the vision you have as a business.

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Used & Older Used Equipment

Traditional lending institutions avoid approval of loans on these types of equipment that facilitate the growth of your business. Find out how Advantage Financial has a beneficial focus that helps your business gain valuable assets and increase your bottom line.

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Software Licensing and Computer Systems

Advantage financial LLC offers great finance rates and terms for financing of computer systems- hardware and software- as well as for annual software licensing agreements.

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Converting Equipment Rental to Equipment Purchase

There are many benefits to financing and eventually owning equipment instead of renting equipment. For one, you’ll save money- usually half or less of your rental fee.

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Smart Financing for Municipalities

A smart path that is both adaptable and reasonable. Advantage Financial offers an extremely versatile and low-cost path to equipment ownership that is void of the bonding process and 265(b)(3) obligations and restrictions. This enables equipment acquisition up to 12 months prior to a first payment due date.

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